Why choose The Bubbles Review Masterclasses? 

The Bubbles Review makes the art of drinking champagne and sparkling wine accessible with fun and informative masterclasses for people who love all things sparkling! From newbie bubbly drinkers to seasoned champagne lovers – there’s something for everyone in this appreciation course. Hosted by Australian entrepreneur, sparkling wine lover, and founder of The Bubbles Review, Natalie Pickett – get ready to pop the bubbly and enjoy learning from the comfort of your home! 

What to expect and learn from the masterclasses? 

  • Easy to digest video content from wine experts delivered to your inbox. 
  • Learn and expand your champagne and sparkling wine knowledge through tasting notes, food pairings, stories of Aussie sparkling, interviews with respected wine personalities and more. 
  • Discover your champagne style and enhance your social experiences. 
  • Develop your palate – know the good from the bad and taste champagne and sparkling wine with confidence. 
  • Downloadable class workbooks – keep all your bubbly notes in one place. 
  • Test your newfound bubbly knowledge with fun multiple choice quizzes at the end of each masterclass.
  • Certificate upon completion of full course bundle and access to become a Bubbles Reviewer.

Single Bubbly Masterclasses $49 Each!

Tasting Techniques Masterclass – now live for immediate access.

Learn how to understand tasting notes of champagne and sparkling wines; levels of sweetness, different blends and flavour profiles. This class is delivered in 3 parts. There’s so much great content, it’s like a mini course in itself. There are videos and workbook summaries, tasting activities and a quiz for each section. The class will really expand your bubbly knowledge, by the end, you’ll be tasting like a pro!

Meet your match – Food & Sparkling Pairing Masterclass – now live for immediate access.

A good bubbly and food match is heaven sent! Explore recipes and suggestions for favourite food matches and guidance on the dos and don’ts of pairing sparkling wine.

This class is value packed, with 3 videos with tips on food pairing and fun tasting activities including:

  • Introduction to Food & Sparkling Pairing – Explore the art of food pairing and find out how a Sommelier approaches a food and wine match.
  • Fun tasting activity and interview with – Greg Lightfoot, Sommelier.
  • Fun tasting activity with the Royal Mail Hotel Sommelier team.
  • Plus bonus video – Winemaker interview – Drew Tuckwell from Printhie Wines – makers of the award-winning Swift sparkling range.
  • Plus – Recipes, links for sparkling wine purchases, and Quiz

Champagne 101 Masterclass – now live for immediate access.

Discover champagne Vs sparkling wine. The Champagne 101 Masterclass includes an instruction video – Introduction to Champagne, the place, delve into the regions and terroirs, within Champagne. Understand the difference between a co-op, grower and negociant.  How to choose the best champagne from the label.

Along with a collection of interviews and tastings:

  • Champagne Pommery – tasting with Manon Millot, Champagne Pommery Ambassador.
  • Champagne Forget-Brimont – interview and tasting with Eric George.
  • Champagne Voirin Jumel – interview and tasting with co-owner Alice Voirin.
  • Champagne Collet – interview and tasting with Antrim Dalton – Collet Ambassador – Asia Pacific.

Extra bonus videos and links of interest.  Hours of fun and tastings in this class.  All in separate videos, to keep you amused for weeks.  Classes are pre-recorded so they can be viewed anytime.

Aussie Sparkling Masterclass – live now for immediate access

Listen to intriguing stories about the history and development of sparkling wines styles made right here in Australia. 

Did you know that Australia is the home of Sparkling Shiraz?

Join us to learn about the birth of sparkling wine in Australia and taste along with us to sample some of the best Aussie Sparklings.

This class is value packed, 4 videos with interviews and tasting activities including:

  • Introduction to regions for Aussie Sparkling wine.
  • Interview and tasting with – Justin Purser, Winemaker, Bests Wines, Great Western, Victoria.
  • Interview and tasting from the historic Seppelt Drives with – Bruce Ahchow, CEO, Great Western Enterprises.
  • Interview and tasting with Ian White, Clover Hill, Tasmania. Learn about the growth of Tassie Sparkling wine.  
  • Bonus videos from Aussie Sparkling makers.
  • Plus – stockist list links with discounts for sparkling wine purchases

Purchase the wine in advance and plan your schedule for many nights of bubbly tasting fun at home!

The Makers & Doers Masterclass – live now for immediate access

Interviews and inspiring stories of the people, modern and historic, from regions of sparkling wine, including some of the great names in Champagne.

Listen to intriguing stories about the role of the winemaker, how they create the sparkling wine styles that we enjoy in our glass.  
This class is value packed, with videos featuring interviews and tasting activities including:
• Introduction to Makers and Doers
• Interview and tasting with – Natalie Fryar, Winemaker, Bellebonne, Tasmania.
• Champagne Pommery interview and tasting with – Champagne Pommery Ambassador Manon Millot as she shares the story of Madame Pommery, the creator of the Brut style of champagne .
• Bonus video – Winemaker interview – Drew Tuckwell from Printhie Wines – makers of the award winning Swift range.
• Plus – stockist list links for sparkling wine purchases
Purchase the wine in advance and plan your schedule for many nights of bubbly tasting fun at home!

Course Bundle Offer – All 5 Masterclasses for $196

The full course bundle provides unlimited access to all five masterclasses (see above) as they launch and get 1 class free. Normally $245 – now – ONLY $196. Get this sweet bubbly deal today! 

Exclusive bundle course bonuses: 

  • 2 x interactive tasting webinars  
  • Special wine discount offer complete with tasting notes 

Note: champagne and sparkling wines not included as part of course.

Know someone who loves champagne? Gift them their very own champagne and sparkling wine course – they’ll love you for it!

Please note due to the nature of access to online courses, no refunds to the single masterclasses or course bundle apply.


Which masterclass is right for me? Each class covers a particular topic relevant to champagne and/or sparkling wine. We recommend the full course bundle – Bubbly Appreciation Course for those who want access to all five masterclasses to deepen their knowledge.

How do I access the course? Once you purchase the course online, you will receive an email to confirm details of your purchase. You will receive an email with login details and instructions on how to access the course a few days prior to course launch. See each class for release dates. It will be super simple to login and get started. Classes are pre-recorded so that you can access them anytime.

Can the course be accessed from desktop and mobile? Yes, the course will be compatible with desktop and mobile, however for optimal viewing we recommend taking the course on a desktop with a larger screen. 

Where can I purchase the sparkling wines from the course? Each course will have information on the suppliers and where you can purchase. 

How long do I have to complete the course? The course will be available to access 90 days from when you first sign up. 

What happens if I don’t complete the full course bundle? If you do not complete the full course bundle within 90 days of sign up you will not receive your certificate of completion.  

Can I purchase the course for myself and a friend? Yes, you can purchase the course for yourself and a friend – you will need to do two separate purchases. Please note your login details cannot be shared with anyone else as the course will be password protected.  

What is the cancellation policy? A lot of work and time has gone into creating these masterclasses. Due to the nature of access to the online masterclasses, we do not allow cancellations or refunds.  See full purchase and refunds policy here

Is it a subscription or a one-off purchase? The purchase for both the single masterclasses and the course bundle is a one-off purchase. After the initial payment, there are no recurring fees. 


The information in this program is educational in nature.  It is designed to be fun and engaging. Every effort is made to ensure that the information is correct at the time of printing or recording. In regard to any guest presenters, and/or contributors advertised, we reserve the right to substitute one presenter with another, should one of the presenters become unavailable. We note that in the wine industry, across different presenters, winemakers, and regions that there may be different opinions and conflicting advice may be presented. We aim to respect the opinions of all contributors and share information for the purposes of participants to receive broad views and make their own conclusions on the information presented.