It’s International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate and raise a glass to amazing sparkling women everywhere.

Around 70% of champagne is purchased by women. Aside from being the demographic who are the main consumers of sparkling wine, women are still under-represented on the industry side, which makes it even more important to showcase the examples of amazing women working in the world of sparkling wine from around the globe!

It was around eight years ago, that I had the idea to turn my love of champagne and sparkling wine into a business and I created The Bubbles Review, which allows me the great joy of sharing stories through our blog and incorporating my 30 years of travel industry experience to run events and tours.

My love of bubbles and travel has taken me to many sparkling wine regions including Champagne (several times!), and I have had the joy of meeting and interviewing many champagne and sparkling winemakers. I love everything about drinking it, as well as the stories, the romance, the glamour of bubbles, and I particularly love meeting the people.

With almost 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, I do have examples of being treated differently as a woman in business, and have heard similar stories from the women I’ve interviewed. This added layer of adversity makes these success stories even more impressive. When women do well, so does everyone else. Businesses thrive, and families and relationships are mutually supportive. Today we are very fortunate to have had strong women come before us, but there is still more that can be done.

In the last few years in our blogs for International Women’s Day we’ve featured Sparkling Women of Influence, Sparkling Women of Australia as well as Cheers to the fabulous women of Champagne.

See our summary here for a few names you might know, and some you would like to know more about. 

Here’s cheers to the fabulous women of Champagne.

From historical to modern times, if you look at the dates, they are around 50 -100 years apart. In life, we all benefit from the legacy created from those that came before us. International Women’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate that. Here’s cheers to all of the fabulous women of Champagne!

Sparkling Women of Influence

In Champagne, we know of historical names of great women of Champagne, and I’ve written articles about the widows (veuves) Clicquot, Pommery and Bollinger, but little is known about the women in Champagne and sparkling wine today. Around 70% of champagne is purchased by women, but women are still under-represented on the industry side with less than 20% of winemakers who are women. It is changing, and I am excited to share these stories of these remarkable women from around the globe who each in their own way are influencing the world of sparkling.

Sparkling Women of Australia

In Australia overall consumption of sparkling continues to increase, with Australians consuming approximately 62 million bottles of sparkling wine annually, of which about 40 million are made here in Australia. I love the bubbly community we’ve created at The Bubbles Review. I think that champagne and sparkling wine is one of the joys of life and something to be shared, and it has been an honour to interview these remarkable women working in the Sparkling Wine industry in Australia and share their stories with you.

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