Every month we present a beautiful bubbly discovery and create a tasting Masterclass hosted by Natalie Pickett, the Founder of The Bubbles Review. Get access to these exclusive tastings as Natalie interviews and chats with the winemakers, owners or brand ambassadors. We feature Aussie Sparklings, International sparklings, including champagne. Purchase a Masterclass to gain access to the bubbly feature of your choice.


  1. Hosted by Natalie Pickett, Founder of The Bubbles Review we will be joined by Owners, Winemakers or Brand Ambassador of the featured winery.
  2. Introduction to the Winery: We love hearing bubbly stories and we start with an introduction to the history and wine making philosophy of the featured Champagne house or winery.
  3. Bubbly Tasting: As we guide you through the tasting, we highlight the nuances and flavours of the featured sparkling wine. We discuss the tasting notes, its journey from the vineyard to the bottle, and what makes it an exceptional choice.
  4. Food Pairing Experience: To enhance your tasting, we include some food pairing suggestions and a recipe with your tasting notes. You can prepare some of these and we’ll guide you through the art of pairing the featured sparkling wine.


Hosted tasting Masterclass session. Sessions are pre-recorded so you can view any time.

Curated tasting notes with food pairing suggestions and recipe.

Stockist list link with a unique discount code for sparkling wine purchases.

Purchase the wine in advance and plan your schedule for a night of bubbly tasting fun at home!

Previous Monthly Featured Bubbles

January 2024

Howard Vineyard 2021 Amos M├ęthode Traditionnelle Blanc de Blancs

Check out the Tasting Masterclass on the link here.

December 2023

Sutherland Estate 2022 Sparkling Tempranillo

Check out the Tasting Masterclass on the link here.

November 2023

George’s Folly “Off With The Fairies” Sparkling Roussane Cuvee

Check out the Tasting Masterclass on the link here.

October 2023

Champagne Lombard Extra Brut Premier Cru

Check out the Tasting Masterclass on the link here.