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Imagine then my delight, when I heard that the theatre show Blanc de Blanc was coming to the Spiegeltent to warm up the Map 57 Winter Garden in St Kilda this winter. I went to see it on a chilly Melbourne night, it was around 10 degrees outside, but inside, I would say that the temperature got quite hot!

Definitely not for the prudish, this show was a lot of fun. It is a burlesque style cabaret show all dedicated to the art of drinking champagne.

It was part cabaret, circus, burlesque and even included amazing aerial performers, who take you through a serial of numbers all dedicated to bubbles. Drinking bubbles, sharing bubbles, opening a bottle of bubbles, being bubbly, taking a bubble bath. The theme is endless with lots of raunchy fun.

Hosted by Monsieur Romeo, with a brilliant cast of performers, there were times I felt I was at the circus, other times it reminded me of a mix between an Amsterdam sex show (although not quite as graphic) and a Parisian Can Can show, the shock and awe was balanced with some clever comedic timing especially from the character Spencer who brought some light relief just when you thought it might be getting too much, there were lots of laughs. Spencer observed of the crowd at one point “I see that you are a little bit scared, and a little bit excited too”.

The highlight was the very sensual aerial performance by real-life couple Hampus Jansson and Milena Straczynski, it was mesmerising. A big wow moment.

Both French and Australian bubbles were served at the bar for your drinking pleasure during the show. This was a bubbly night of appreciating the wonders of the human form, and there were definitely some fine specimens on display.

The show runs until the end July, you can get tickets on this link: https://map57.com/what-s-on/blanc-de-blanc  

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