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Favourite Aussie Sparklings

Tasting my way through my wish list of Champagne and Sparklings is really a very pleasant lifelong goal. I recently learned that there are over 8000 Champagne Houses in Champagne, so that is a lot of tasting to do!  I also love our Aussie sparklings, I prefer the champagne style so tend towards a classic ‘methode traditionnelle’. Whilst there are some on my wishlist yet to try, and some that I splash out some extra cash for special occasions, there are also a few favourites that I tend to choose regularly for an everyday celebration.

Here are my ‘go to’ Australian Sparklings:

Yarra Burn – NV Yarra Burn Victoria Premium Cuvée Brut, the retail price is $17 but you can find this on special at around the $12 mark, when I see it at this price I buy a few bottles to keep on hand. Perfect easy drinking to take to BBQs or for an impromptu bubbles at home, or to have as a follow on bottle after something special.

Chandon Brut NV – a good consistent classic style, made in the Yarra Valley by the Australian winery of the French Champagne House – Moët et Chandon. The retail is usually around $25 but you can often find this on special at around $20, when I do, I buy a couple of bottles to keep on hand. Perfect for gifts and sharing with friends.

Croser NV – this South Australian sparkling is a fresh and crisp aperitif style, easy drinking and lovely for sharing with friends. The Non-Vintage is at a great price point, I often find this on special for around $20, although the retail is more around $25-$29. It also is often available with a gift box so great for gifting, or for making an impressive arrival. Yes, when you see it on special, buy a couple to keep on hand.

Jansz NV – As a general rule with Australian sparklings, I think anything from Tasmania is going to be good! The Non-Vintage Jansz is another consistent classy bubbly that is on my go to list. Once again I look for it when on special. The retail is around $25-$29 if you are lucky you can find it in the low $20 mark. Always impressive.

These are my regulars in the $15-$25 price range, but there so many more lovely Australian Sparklings to explore.  I also love trying smaller labels when visiting wineries and tasting at Cellar Door, joining wine clubs can also be a good way to discover more.

I read once that there was a wine glut in Australia, I’m not sure if that is still true. In any case, I like to do my bit to help out and support the Aussie wine industry!

What are some of your Aussie Favourites?  Feel free to leave some comments below.

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  1. Ashley van Ryneveld

    One of my favourites is Seppelt’s Tatinger ??

  2. Jane Francis

    Have just found 2 really nice sparkling wines, Bird in Hand is a little sweeter but really nice very chilled and the second is of course from Tasmania, Devils Corner Chardonnay Pinot Noir, just soooo easy drinking.

  3. Vonny

    Syn – Leconsfield SA my current favourite

    • TBR

      Thanks Vonny, I haven’t seen that sparkling before. Will add it to my tasting list. Cheers!

  4. I had a bottle of Sparkling Riesling from the Moorilla winery (next to MONA) $29 it was superb! One that I will always look for now. But, I think it’s only sold at the winery ?

    • TBR

      Thanks Helen. I have recently tried the Moorilla Rose, which is lovely. Will look out for the riesling on my next trip to the winery. Cheers!

  5. I had a beautiful bottle of Sparkling Riesling from Moorilla Winery here in Hobart Tasmania! Highly recommend it!!

    • TBR

      Thanks Helen. I have recently tried the Moorilla Rose, which is lovely. Will look out for the riesling. Cheers!

  6. Pam

    Adelaide Hilss bubbles are usually a really good drop, although sometimes too easy to drink! Lois from The Lane Vineyard, The Last Hurrah from Goldings & Bird in the Hand sparkling. Hugo’s sparkling from McLaren Vale is also a very refreshing one.

    • TBR

      Thanks Pam, yes some lovely sparklings from Adelaide Hills. I haven’t tried all of those you mention so will add them to my tasting list. Cheers!

  7. Hi,

    Really enjoy your articles and my bubbles are the last 3 haven’t tried the first one – one fir the list although Chandon is def my favourite of this group. I am the owner of Winestoppers Australia I sell gorgeous diamanté encrusted champagne poppers and wine accessories, I was wondering if you would be interested in featuring them in an article they are a perfect fit. Cheers Pauline

  8. Jennifer Merlo

    And no House of Arras??? Given that it’s the most awarded Australian Sparkling year after year !!! ??

    • TBR

      Thanks Jennifer. I agree House of Arras is a lovely sparkling. A bit more expensive than the others we featured. Cheers!

  9. Maxene Murphy

    The sparkling from The Lane called Lois Lane is very nice too. Light with nice soft bubbles. Must try??

    • TBR

      Thanks Maxene. I’ve just discovered that on some research that I have been doing so will definitely add it to my tasting list. Cheers!

  10. Ineke Mast

    I think Delamere from Pipers Brook in Tassie should appear on this list. The NV Sparkling Rose ($30) in my humble opinion, is the best value bubbles in Australia.

  11. Stuart skelton

    You forgot the highly awarded Taltarni Tache’.

    • TBR

      Thanks Stuart. Yes I agree, Taltarni is another lovely sparkling. Cheers!

  12. I am a bit biased, but a seriously good producer from The Adelaide Hills is Deviation Road. All Method Traditionelle wines, vintage called ‘loftia’, NV rose ‘altair’ both pretty accessible price points, and then there is the flagship ‘Beltana’. All outstanding and worth seeking out.

    • TBR

      Thanks Michael. Yes Deviation Road have come up a few times in my research so will definitely add them to my tasting list. Cheers!

  13. Cynthia

    Bird in Hand from the Adelaide Hills is one of my favourites

  14. Amazing blog full of useful information!

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